Our special-purpose charts are:

The earliest London Baruch Lousadas with their Amsterdam, Barbados, Curacao and Surinam links

From Vinhais to Livorno - a work in progress

Livorno Baruch Lousadas and Livorno Levi Lousadas

Amsterdam Baruch Louzadas and the Den Haag Louzadas

 The Baruch Lousada, Henriques Faro and Israel Pereira relationship and comparison of descent of Julian Land and Michael Waas

London Baruh Lousadas

Barbados Baruh Louzadas, the Massiahs of Barbados and the Valverdes / Nunes Francos

Possible link between the Surinam / Dutch Louzadas and the Barbados / London / Amsterdam Lousadas

Jamaican Baruh Lousadas

The 22 grandchildren of the short-lived Jacob Barrow 1752-98

Australian Barrow-Lousadas and associated families

Early Barrow / Lousada link and possible Barrow / Levi Montezinos link

Barrow/Pressburg link?

Descendants of Moritz Baruh and the de Dirsztays

The Yorkshire Lousada family

The 4 marriages of Bella Baruh Lousada

An Australian Lousada link to Bedfordshire via the Tiarks family

2 Frank Barrows - and a Tasmania / Ryde / India link

3 Peak House Lousadas

5 Lousada Dukes

3 Aaron Lousadas d1768 and the origin of the English Lousadas

The 5 Lousada/Lamego marriages and the earlier Lamegos

The d'Aguilar marrriages linking the Lamego, Lousada and Mendes da Costa families

Franco / d'Aguilar link and the descent of Alan Pereira

Aguilar link

Lousada Ximenes link

The Herbert George Lousada / Marion Helen Mocatta marriage and some families from Livorno

The Claude Lousada / Maude Spielmann marriage and Barrow Helbert Ellis

Goldsmid connections