Venice and the Den Haag Louzadas

Though the Den Haag Louzadas had 3 Venice connections (see note 6 below), their marriages with the Israel Pereiras and the Mercados suggested that they may have been related to the Baruch Lousadas from Livorno who were similarly linked. Initially the absence of the 'Baruch' name gave us reason not to consider the Den Haag Louzadas in our exploration of the Baruch Lousada diaspora, but now ref 175 has appeared with Solomon Louzada (see note 4 below) using the 'Baruch' name on one occasion, confirming our suspicion that the Den Haag Louzadas were closely related to the Baruch Lousadas. Perhaps in Venice there were no Levi Lousadas and Lumbroso Lousadas as there were in Livorno, making less need to use the 'Baruch' name to make family allegiance more specific.

The Den Haag Louzadas made their way to Amsterdam seemingly via Venice and seem to have reached Amsterdam not long after the Baruch Lousadas reached Livorno. We know something of Isaac #50 (see notes 1, 2 and 3 below) but not much of his father whom we surmise to have been Abraham Louzada (see note 1 below). Perhaps the father visited his relatives in Livorno, but if he did it was not for long as Isaac #50 (according to note 1) was born in Amsterdam in 1645. Perhaps Abraham was a nephew of Isaac #42, arising from Fernando the first son of Amador de Lousada, who was left behind in Portugal when Isaac #42 and his brothers left for Livorno (possibly via Madrid like Abraham Israel Pereira). Fernando had a son Antonio who was tried by the Coimbra Inquisition along with other close family members. Of course, with our hypothesis that the mother of Abraham Israel Pereira was a Baruch Lousada, Isaac #50 was a cousin of Abraham Israel Pereira, and thus when Jacob Israel Pereira married Sarah Louzada he married his 2nd cousin (but see note 2 below).

In Amsterdam Abraham Israel Pereira invested in sugar refineries, at least one of which was with his brother Isaac. We do not have proof that Solomon was also a bother, but the marriage recorded in the Dotar record below is suggestive of this. The bride was evidently poor - perhaps Solomon died young - and Isaac #50 was around 18 being born in 1645. The young couple were probably second cousins - a family relationship suggested by taking note 2 below together with the link we hypothesize in the previous paragraph between the Den Haag Louzadas and the Baruch Lousadas.



1. Details of Isaac Lousada, his daughter Rebecca, her husband Michael Duarte Senior (see also note 6 below) and his parents were originally found on but on 17 Apr 2016 this data could not be found there; on 28 Apr 2016 it was found on from a 'contributed genealogy'. See note 6 below for a more direct source of Rebecca's marriage data. Amsterdam records contain an unnamed child of Isaac d1685 and d1688 and Aaron d1691. Abraham we have taken to be the father of Isaac #50 as he is the first Louzada buried and is not listed as a child.

2. Ref 141 shows that Jacob Israel Pereira - son of the Abraham Israel Pereira shown in the chart - had a Sara(h) Louzada as his last wife and that she died between the dates of the 6 April 1705 and 12 April 1706 codicils. It also makes a bequest to Isaac Louzada who seems to be the father of this wife. Ref 141 shows that children from Jacob's earlier marriage(s) were Abraham, Isaac, Moses and Aaron and that children from the last marriage were Solomon and Judah (as is evident from the 19 Jun 1707 codicil). Ref 141 also shows that Abraham Israel Pereira was a cousin of a Baruch Lousada of the same generation as the father of Isaac #50. Whilst ref 141 describes several people as being first cousins it does not do so in connection with Isaac #50 and Jacob's father Abraham. See here for a chart of the Baruch Lousada / Israel Pereira link and here for a chart of the Villaflor cluster of families including the de Lousadas and the Rodrigues Pereiras who were the ancestors of the Baruch Lousadas and the Israel Pereiras.

3. Isaac #50 appears in note 1 and note 2. Probably he is the Isaac Louzada who appears with Menasseh Gaon together with other merchants and brokers in giving a character reference for 'Johannes Lepy' in 1678 (ref 175 #5). They also appear in John Bury's Amsterdam marriage data as fathers at the 1695 wedding shown above and a copy of the wedding agreement appears here. The father of Isaac d1734 is given at as David whose father was 'Is.'; this data of course proved that David could not have been Solomon's son and thus we place him as a son of Isaac #50.

4. Solomon Louzada appears in ref 175 (#8 in 1700, #9 in 1713, #10 in 1716 and #11 in 1753 this last example being in Curacao), and he is named as a Baruch Lousada in #10 (Baruch Lozada) and #11 (Barog Louzada). The Amsterdam records show he was born in 1669, and that he died 19 Apr 1721. Thus the 1753 record must refer to another person. The only other Solomon Baruch Lousadas we know of (in Amsterdam and Barbados) had died in the meantime. Solomon would have been amongst the last Baruch Lousadas of Curacao. Abraham of Curacao appears to have had a son Isaac and such a person appears in ref 175 #3. Abraham's grave does not appear in ref 113 and may have been lost as a good proportion of Curacao gravestones were. Solomon may have been another son of Abraham, and the same fate may have befallen Solomon's and Isaac's graves. On 20 Mar 2017 Ton Tielen pointed us to a prenuptial agreement before notary Dirk van der Groe between Salomon Louzada and Abigail Gaon (ref 203).

5. In 1755 an Isaac Louzada appears (ref 175 #6) in St Croix in what is now the British Virgin Islands but which was then Danish; he was a grandson of the above-mentioned Isaac Louzada of Den Haag via Solomon #1770 (and probably not the Solomon in Curacao whom we have not yet placed - see note 4 above).

6. Rebecca married a person with Venice ancestry - this Senior/Louzada marriage can be found at Sarah as shown in note 2 married a son of Abraham Israel Pereira, the latter reaching Amsterdam from Venice in 1646. For a further Venice link see note 7 below.

7. See below for an intriguing 1700 marriage record. The bride is from Venice, and Reina Louzada the groom's mother was perhaps the widow of a hitherto unidentified Louzada who cannot have been Isaac #50 as he was still married to Sarah who died after 1700, the date shown below. She may therefore be the 2nd wife of Isaac's father, as it seems from the 1662 excommunication notice below that Esther Pereira the probable 1st wife was still alive.

8. Though Jacob Israel Pereira (son of Abraham) had a second wife Sarah Louzada, an earlier connection appears to be the marriage of Esther Pereira's daughter Rachel to a Louzada - presumably Isaac's father.

From   On 20 May 2016 Ton Tielen sent this image from Dotar records (PJC scan 38 page 70) of a marriage between a very young Isaac (aged 17 or 18) and Sarah whose father was Solomon Pereira (who may not, according to Michael Waas on 24 Nov 2017, be an Israel Pereira but a Baruch Pereira). One of the signatories - Ephraim Bueno - had been painted by Rembrandt and another signatory Solomon Abravanel was soon to appear in London (ref 6 p14, 26 and 142).   On 1 Jan 2017 Michael Waas found this 1662 reference in Amsterdam City Archives of some 'Memorials de Advertencias' in which Rachel Louzada daughter of Esther Pereira appears. At present we do not know what the excommunication threat was triggered by.