Amsterdam Baruch Lousadas

The chart above shows all but one (see note 3 below) of the Baruch Louzadas who appear in the Amsterdam burial records - ref 146. The Baruch Louzadas are shown in the lilac colour and the spouses who may not have been born as Baruch Louzadas are shown in the brown colour. Moses Baruh Lousada, like his brother Jacob, may have been a stepson of both Isaac and Luna (click here note 10 for an explanation). Moses was more or less constantly in Amsterdam in the 1649-59 period (ref 105) but after leaving Amsterdam in late 1659, returned from London on a few occasions. His daughter Sarah married her cousin in a marriage that was recorded in Bevis Marks as well as Amsterdam. An unusual circumstance is recorded in the above chart - mother and daughter Luna have the same name presumably because one of the grandparents or siblings thereof had the same name. We are not sure whether Esther Baruch Louzada was a daughter of Isaac as this is not indicated in the records, but she is not shown as a widow of Solomon either. A Moses appears in ref 85 in connection with the will of Solomon who seemed in debt when he died - the connection being that Moses did not appear in the estate administration!  The last 3 Amsterdam Baruch Lousadas were involved in a London court case of 1738 which involved 2 branches of the Bernal family.

Some points of interest are that the witnesses to the 1673, 1677 and 1709 marriages, on the bride's side, were respectively Jacob Montezinos, Jacob Levi and Abraham Henriques Faro. The origin of the 2 brides of David Baruch Louzada the elder is interesting and tends to support the view that the Baruch Louzadas were part of the exodus of New Christian merchants from Madrid in the first half of the 1600s though they sojourned in Livorno for around 20 years. David Baruch Louzada also had a least one wife in
Barbados for his daughter Rebecca Hannah was born there. Isaac his oldest son spent a period in around 1714 Amsterdam but died in Curacao in 1721. Probably Isaac was a son of the 1673 marriage (the bride of which died early - see note 4 below), whilst Solomon - the last-surviving son - was the product of the 1677 marriage. The Baruch Lousada, Henriques Faro and Israel Pereira interconnection revealed in ref 141 is shown here.


1. We show the Den Haag Louzadas separately and they carry the Louzada name in the Netherlands from 1645 to 1787 but on one occasion used the Baruch surname as well (indicating that they were related). The one Levi Louzada was David who died in 1744.

2. Not shown are the known son of David #44 Jacob/James #711 who went to Barbados via London in 1696 and who died in Barbados in 1711, and the possible son of David #44 Moses #67 who was the holder of Bank of England stock for the family and who can be seen on the chart of London Baruch Lousadas and the chart of dispersal from Livorno. Perhaps Jacob was a son of the 1673 marriage and Moses a son of the 1677 marriage. They must then have been teenagers when endenized in London.

3. Samuel Baruch Lousada had a daughter Rachel who died in Amsterdam in 1730. This is the only indication we have of Samuel. He may have lived elsewhere but the journey of his daughter to Amsterdam would need explanation. Perhaps Samuel was part of the remnant Livorno Baruch Lousadas.

4. The burial card of the 1st Amsterdam wife of David #44 is shown below. She died after 2 years of marriage suggesting a childbirth-related death. She was born in Paris around 1649 and her surnames together with that of her marriage witness Jacob Montezinos suggest a strong connection with the Lamego family of Rouen who had a strong trading link with the Montezinos family in Madrid in the 1620s and a marriage link with the Acosta family.