Ancestry of Julian Land and Michael Waas

This chart extends our chart of families linked in Villaflor, where the Henriques Faro family links the Baruch Lousada and the Israel Pereira families. Michael Waas says he is probably descended in 3 distinct ways from Abraham Israel Pereira as shown in the chart - for his daughter Rebecca and her husband Jacob de Pinto are ancestors as well. They had children Aaron and Sarah; the former married Abigail Garcia Nunes Henriques and had a daughter Rebecca whilst the latter married David Franco da Costa with a son Emanuel. The cousins Rebecca and Emanuel then married and had a daughter Sarah Franco da Costa. She in turn married Aaron Henriques de Mesquita and they had a daughter Rebecca who married her distant cousin Moses Jacob Pereira and they were grandparents of Esther Pereira as shown above.

We have been unable to confirm Moses Israel Pereira #1896 was the father of Jacob Pereira #1898 - for ref 323 teaches that the marriage of Moses #1896 and Sarah Pereira de Pinto #2061 was childless.

Michael Waas believes there is a Lopes Pereira link in this ancestry though this may prove difficult to elucidate because the Lopes Pereira family was so diverse and widespread. However, on 4 Dec 2018, following an observation by Randy Schoenberg on the Sephardic Diaspora forum, we were able to extend the link between Julian Land and Michael Waas by the connection between Baron Moses d'Aguilar aka Diego Lopes Pereira and Abraham Israel Pereira, for Simha da Fonseca was a niece of Joseph Israel Pereira. A grandson of Joseph Israel Pereira was Rabbi Isaac Touro of Newport, Rhode Island who is discussed here. The first Touros of Amsterdam are discussed in ref 317.

The chart also shows the Israel Pereira connection with the Den Haag Louzadas.