Isaac's DOTAR grant


Our effort at translating the DOTAR record is as follows:

5423 (=1663) Terms of the dowry that was paid to Isaac Louzada who married Sarah de Solomon Pereira

On the 21st of Ab (24 Aug) we were asked to pay Isaac Louzada a single man the amounts as written and therefore know: 700G for Sarah’s lottery win in the year 5420; and 210G promised at their marriage on 3rd Shebat (11 Jan) this year in this city. Confirmed Mr. Lely has paid on behalf of Abraham Nunez Henriquez and in accordance with the Ascamot.

In 2017, that is 3 years earlier, Ton Tielen had helpfully provided the following (which we re-discovered):

In 1660 Sara daughter of Selomoh Pereira wins the lottery of DOTAR and thus the right to a dowry of 700 guilders. Sara is related to Mosseh Baruch Pereira in the 2nd degree. Several people promised her an extra sum of money totalling 210 guilders. Now she has to find herself a husband. She finds one in the person of an Ysaq Loisada. She marries him in Amsterdam and the money is duly paid to her husband. This marriage, however, cannot be found in the marriage bans of Amsterdam, and the series of ketubot starts too late.