The Lopes Telles or Montezinos family

The Montezinos family was linked to the Baruch Lousadas via the Rodrigues Pereiras. From ref 153 we obtain the early history of the family, and augment it with some Livorno details which link David Baruch Lousada #44 with his grandniece Rebecca Montezinos and which thus explain David's 1st marriage. Some Amsterdam details are also added. Jacob #3126 who died by 1629 is distinct from Jacob #3097 who was the bridegroom marriage witness in the 1673 marriage of David Baruch Lousada. Probably Jacob #3126 was a hitherto unknown nephew of Manuel Lopes Telles. Judging from the life histories in ref 153 Jacob #3097 seems most likely to have been a son of Fernando for as noted in ref 153 the name of Jacob was given to Manuel. While Fernando originated use of the Montezinos name, his sons may have been joined by some of his nephews in using it.

Ref 123 gives 2 sons in Spain of Fernando Montezinos as Manuel and Bartolome who were wool exporters in the 1637-53 period, linked with a relative Samuel Montezinos in Amsterdam. Also in Amsterdam are given brothers of Fernando Montezinos shown above - namely, Diego and Pedro Lopez Tellez (above their aliases David and Abraham Arari are shown). The Montezinos genealogy appears to need a little more work to clarify it further as we can see from the fact that Samuel is not shown above. Above we have located 3 Jacobs, which shows the complexity of the task!

Ref 185 gives some details of the Livorno Montezinos family as indexed thus:

while ref 319 gives a number of marriages as follows (2 of which are shown in the chart above):