Jamaican Baruh Lousadas

 The chart is headed by 4 offspring of Aaron #376 of Barbados. They left for Jamaica around 1705 as discussed here. In this chart we aim to include the family members who ended their days in Jamaica - not those who never came to Jamaica nor those residents who moved on like Jacob #36. He died in England in 1752 - he was a brother of Aaron #125 shown in the chart and in 1748-9 he followed in the footsteps of his grand-uncle Moses Baruh Lousada in filling official positions in the London community since 1701 based at Bevis Marks. So did Aaron #1174, but he was a son of Jacob #380 shown above. However we are missing burial details for some long-term Jamaican residents as noted in 4 and 5 below -- they are thus included on a provisional basis in that we have not found their burial records elsewhere. Not shown either is Mordecai the son of Moses who may have appeared in Jamaica for a period (see here note 4) but who died in London

There are some interesting features of this chart:

  1. The first line comprises the youngest 4 of the offspring of Aaron Baruh Lousada #376 of Barbados - Esther may have been the first of the four to leave Barbados as Jacob, Emanuel and Hannah seem to have still been in Barbados at the death of their mother Rachel Gomes Henriques whose 1703 will (from ref 5) can be found by clicking here; Esther's new Touro family had an interesting connection with American history and early Amsterdam Jewish history (see ref 317). Hannah's dowry was provided for in her mother's will though (just in case) money was also provided for her to seek a livelihood. Hannah (see note 7 below) does not appear in the 1748 will of Jacob #36 but it does show her her sister Esther Touro. According to ref 88 Esther died in 1750 aged 70 years which implies she was born in 1680. In fact she was born in 1686 and there must have been a gravestone transcription error here. The most likely interpretation is that she died in 1756 with the '6' in '1756' misread as a '0'. Much less likely is that an age of death of 64 (ie 1750 less 1686) would be read as '70' as that would require 2 digits to be misread rather than 1. Therefore the 1750 death date in ref 88 is incorrect and accordingly we show above that she died in 1756. Jacob's cousin Rachel Abialhor appears in his will - by the context she seems to be have been Esther's daughter but she is not shown above.

  2. The first Aaron in the last line of the chart was the first-born son of Emanuel #135, and named after Aaron #125, but he died in 1775 in his infancy and was buried at Old Kingston Jews Cemetery and re-located to Orange Street Cemetery (ref 88 grave 847). He is shown in the burial records as Aaron Haim - where 'Haim' meaning 'life' is an encouraging name that was sometimes given to an unwell baby. The second Aaron shown in the last line appears to be a mulatto (see discussion of Emanuel's will). He was adopted out to Emanuel's childless cousin Grace Lopes Torres nee Aguilar and brought up as her son though of course she died in 1795 before Emanuel died in 1797 and Aaron was only 13 on her death. He appears to have been born before Emanuel #135 and his wife (and cousin) Esther stopped having children - for their (probably last) son Isaac (the first Lousada Duke) was born in 1783!  It is not too difficult to envisage the circumstances under which the second Aaron came about, for perhaps Esther travelled to England homesick (she was a daughter of Jacob #36, was born in London, married in Bevis Marks on 14 Tisri 5524, and in any case she ended her days in England in 1818 and was buried at Mile End) and in her absence the second Aaron was conceived. Evidently Esther and Emanuel were reconciled through their production of Isaac #92 who became the 1st Lousada Duke, but in any case his father felt great responsibility to the second Aaron and his mother - what we do know of this is discussed here.

  3.  The people with the same name Rachel Rodrigues Lopes appear to be different - and both were named after the paternal grandmother Rachel Gomez Henriques. So was Rachel Abenatar.

  4. The three Jamaican spinster daughters of Abigail Almeida - Esther, Rachel and Abigail - are listed as nieces in the will of Jacob Baruh Lousada #36. We do not have burial details for them and we have not examined why Hannah Abigail is named Abigail and not Hannah in the will of Jacob #36.

  5. The descendants of Hannah Alvin are the 3 Jamaican cousins referred to in the will of Aaron #1174 and his sisters offspring of Jacob #380. However we have not been able to find Jamaican burial records for Esther and Aaron (nor their mother Hannah Alvin nee Baruch Lousada - see note 7 below), whilst ref 88 and 81 give Rachel's age at death as 85 which seems a decade too high in that this figure implies she was born in 1698 (when Hannah would have been 10!) so there may have been another gravestone transcription error - in this case '75' has been read as '85'. There are other Alvin burials in the records, whilst the Abenatar name appears also in Surinam and Amsterdam burials. Aaron Alvin was presumably named after Aaron #376 of Barbados as was Aaron #125.

  6. The more detailed genealogy overlapping this chart can be found in our genealogies - noting that the English Aguilars are separately listed there as descendants of Rebecca Aguilar.

  7. Hannah Alvin must have died before 1752 as she did not appear in the will of Jacob #36 as her sister Esther Touro did. She is remembered as an aunt whose children who would have been cousins are given a bequest in the 1767 will of Esther Lamego and the will of Aaron #1174.