Bevis Marks Synagogue was the centre of Anglo-Jewish life for a century from its construction in the East End of London in 1701. Moses Baruh Lousada was prominent in the community but died before Bevis Marks was opened.  

This is from the 1882 Reynolds map of London and shows the location of Bevis Marks - just north of the Tower of London and parallel to Houndsditch just to the west of it. In the period between 1657 and 1701, nearby temporary premises at Creechurch Lane were used for a synagogue. In the map can be seen the original Jewish cemetery and also the Mile End Road new Jewish cemetery. Some images of these 'velho' and 'nuovo' cemeteries can be found here.

Bevis Marks holds much interest for the Baruh Lousadas. For example on 29 June 2015 Edgar Samuel showed us two Lousada prayerbooks then in the library of Bevis Marks Archives but which were destined for the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. Edgar Samuel advised that the Portuguese Jewish Communities of Amsterdam and London always used Spanish for prayerbooks but sermons were preached in Portuguese. In London, the latter ceased in 1830.     The Bevis Marks Synagogue was built by the newly constituted Jewish community in England that was made possible by the enlightened self-interest of Cromwell and Charles 2; notes on the historical context can be found here. The 6 part series of Bevis Marks Records provided a comprehensive compilation of births, deaths and marriages in the community. In some cases this series is supplemented by other publications. In part 1 can be found records of the key events in the life of the Bevis Marks community from its beginning around 1656 until 1800. This is supplemented by ref 6 and the 'records and accounts' of the community (ref 97). The early marriages are covered in Part 2 of Bevis Marks Records, and the later marriages in Part 3. Circumcision and birth registers are covered in Parts 4 and 5. Whilst the early burials are recorded in ref 98, Part 6 covers the later ones. Many Lousada marriages occurred in the Bevis Marks Synagogue eg that in 1743 of Jacob Baruh Lousada #36 (the bridgehead of the modern English Lousadas) and Abigail Lamego #37 after he left Jamaica; and those in 1771 of Jacob's son Isaac Baruh Lousada #34 of Devonshire Square and Judith d'Aguilar #35 on 20 Adar 5531 which followed that of their respective siblings the widowed Rebecca Baruh Lousada and David d'Aguilar on 16 Shebat 5531. After Moses Baruh Lousada there was a gap of a generation but then 3 generations of Baruh Lousadas commencing with his grand-nephew Jacob #36 in 1748 served as office bearers in the community (see here where the details have been extracted from ref 6).