Old (Velho) Burial Ground, the original cemetery -
now in a bad state of repair and closed. This Jewish cemetery was based on land at Mile End bought in 1657 by resident crypto-Jews Antonio Fernandez Carvajal and Simon de Caceres  - it was a key step in the Jewish resettlement under Cromwell which was consolidated under Charles 2. Many people figuring in our story are buried here. 
  New (Nuovo) Burial Ground -
 surrounded by buildings of Queen Mary College, University of London. Many of the interred were (sadly) were relocated to Brentwood, Essex.

 These 3 photographs were taken by John Bury in October 2011.
  The Nuovo cemetery contains many stories, and the grave above is of Sir Joseph Sebag-Montefiore #853. He was a grandfather of Maude Spielman #243 who married Claude Lousada #213 in 1904. Claude Lousada was a son of Herbert George Lousada #206 who corresponded with Edward Charles Lousada.#20.