12 Devonshire Square - photograph thanks to Mike Dugdale (pictured) Feb 2017 - was purchased by the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies (NAFAS) in 2001. It provided Mike Dugdale with a leaflet listing the past occupiers from 1692. Some of the occupiers were Isaac Lindo (during 1749-1766), Elias Lindo (during 1766 -1785), and Isaac Aguilar #168 1748-1825 (during 1785-1812). Mike Dugdale descends from Emanuel Aguilar #1279 and Sarah Dias Fernandes #1283, his great-great-grandparents (for some of their descendants click here), and Isaac Aguilar #168 was a great-uncle of Emanuel (see Lousada-Aguilar link). Other Aguilars lived in Devonshire Square - Judith #2008 2nd wife of Abraham #191 at #18 (1784-1807), and Joseph #1213 at #2 (1811) and #5 (1808). 

  13 Devonshire Square - photograph thanks to John Bury - was the home of Isaac Baruh Lousada #34, who is a key ancestor of the English and Australian Baruh Lousadas. Isaac married Judith d'Aguilar, daughter of the extraordinary Baron Moses d'Aguilar, unrelated to Isaac's first cousin Isaac Aguilar #168 living next door. To see the current (2017) use of the property click here.


Following his father Jacob #36 who was on the Mahamad of Bevis Marks in the Jewish years 5508 (as Gabay) and 5509, Isaac Baruh Lousada #34 was on the Mahamad of Bevis Marks in the Jewish years 5539, 5542, 5547, 5552, 5556, 5561, 5566, 5575 and 5581; as were (mostly in other years) his sons Moses #32 and Emanuel #142, his son-in-law Isaac #92, his brother Emanuel #87, his cousin and neighbour Isaac Aguilar #168, Simon Barrow of Bath (whose sister Bella married Moses Baruh Lousada #32 1780-1826) and Simon's brother Joseph Barrow from Barbados. Isaac's 2nd cousin Aaron #1174 (who lived in Bury St which is almost adjacent to Bevis Marks somewhat closer than Devonshire Square) was on the Mahamad in 5524 and 5528 (the year he died), his brother-in-law and uncle Moses Lamego #388 did this duty in 5515 and 5519, and his father-in-law and uncle Isaac Lamego #38 in 5509, 5513 and 5518. Joseph, Daniel and Abraham Dias Fernandes (no doubt ancestors of Sarah #1283 - see above) were also on the Mahamad, as was Aaron Israel Pereira (no doubt a distant Lousada cousin), and other distant Mendes da Costa, Gomes Serra and Franco relatives. These details can be found in ref 6.

Isaac was in business with Jacob Barrow, father of Simon Barrow of Bath #59 1787-1862. Isaac's sons Jacob #538, Moses #32, Emanuel #142 and David #524 came into the business as did Simon Barrow of Bath. His grandchildren from the Moses/Bella marriage - John, Simeon Charles, Mary, George Emanuel produced many descendants (and for us many ancestors) - quite a few of whom were distinguished but the eldest child of Moses and Bella - Bella Baruh Lousada #70 - created an example which no doubt all her siblings and Barrow cousins sought to avoid. Isaac's sisters Esther #88, Rachel #90 and Rebecca #89 each married Jamaican cousins. Esther's marriage to Emanuel #135 of Jamaica seemed to be challenging (as can be seen from our analysis of his will) and she returned to England after his death. Rachel was the 1st wife of Daniel #127 brother of Emanuel #135, and Rebecca #89 the 2nd; both marriages were ended by early death of both original spouses and the survivor Rebecca went on to marry David d'Aguilar 2 months before Isaac #34 married David's sister Judith. These d'Aguilar marriages are depicted here and further d'Aguilar marriages are depicted here. Both d'Aguilar marriages were commemorated by tableware, and the Aguilar family retained its own Lousada tableware! Rachel's descendants included many Mocatta grandchildren.

The youngest daughter of Isaac #34, Lydia (Leah originally), married Isaac Baruh Lousada #92 who became the first English Lousada Duke, and head of a line of 5 English Lousada Dukes. The mother of Isaac #92 was Esther #88, a sister of Isaac #34, so in marrying Lydia Isaac #92 married a first cousin. Marriage between cousins was quite common. Jacob #36 the father of Isaac #34 had married his cousin Abigail Lamego #37. Sarah, daughter of Isaac #92 the first English Lousada Duke, married her cousin Isaac #68, son of Moses Baruh Lousada #32, and this couple lived at Sidmouth in the period around the 1851 Census. Isaac's brother Emanuel #87 was the builder of Peak House which is on the outskirts of Sidmouth. Because Emanuel #87 was childless, Peak House passed to his nephew Emanuel #142 (3rd son of Isaac #34), also childless. Peak House then passed in turn to a nephew John (Jacob before his conversion to Christianity) - second son of Moses #32 - who married his cousin Tryphena Barrow (daughter of Simon Barrow of Bath) and is the source of the Australian Lousadas. The will of Emanuel #142 has been examined and it shows John Baruh Lousada having a central role in the execution of the will whereas his elder brother Isaac #68 is relegated to the ranks of relatives receiving modest bequests. The probable reason for this, and for Isaac #68 not inheriting Peak House, can be gleaned from ref 165. The list of beneficiaries of the will is most instructive of the social milieu and the extended family of Emanuel #142. David #524, the youngest son of Isaac #34, also became well known at Sidmouth.