Daniel Ximenes was a younger (half-)brother of the Rebecca Ximenes who married Emanuel Lousada #87 (son of Jacob #36) founder of Peak House at Sidmouth, Devon, where 3 generations of Lousadas lived. Daniel retired to Sidmouth and died in Rosemount Cottage on the Peak House estate (ref 65). A second link between Emanuel #87 and Daniel Ximenes arises because Daniel's third wife Sarah Aguilar was a daughter of a cousin of Emanuel #87, namely Abraham Aguilar #1794 (see Aguilar/Lousada chart)! And a third link arises (see ref 45, note 45 to Chapter 5) because the first wife of Daniel Ximenes was the daughter of another cousin of Emanuel #87, namely Emanuel #135! By our reckoning Daniel Ximenes had 4 marriages.

Compiled with the assistance of Simon Greenfield. Some of the many data points he drew to our attention were:

(from ref 45 notes to chapter 5; amongst other things, this corrects Uncle Ben's Lousada Tree as to the name of the daughter of Emanuel #135 and whom she married)

(from Irish Tontines; amongst other things this clarifies Daniel as the second son of David Ximenes and helps clarify that his mother was Abigail Mendes da Costa)