Tableware commemorating the 16 Shebat 5531 (31 Jan 1771) marriage of David d'Aguilar and Rebecca Baruh Lousada - Chinese, Ch'ien Lung period. The items on the left were on sale at Christie's in 2002; the items on the right at Sotheby's in 2004. There is also a piece in the Jewish Museum, London; but this piece commemorates the 20 Adar 5531 (6 Mar 1771) marriage of their respective siblings Judith d'Aguilar and Isaac Baruh Lousada (see Silver spoon with Lousada dove - image from Anthony Gordon; initials C.L. stamped on rear
Lousada antique silverware Sheffield plate. It measures 15" x 11" x  9 1/2" (38 cm x 28 cm x 24 cm). The crest has a double chevron which is unusual.


Lousada plate from Quirec Chantraine whose family connection is yet to be found out. Here, the chevron is missing as per the crest of the Lousada Dukes. The 4th dove has lost its collar, its green hill has been replaced by an olive branch, and the crown is under not over the 4th dove!   Lousada 'dove' on plate handed down in the Aguilar family. The dove is crested, and is also curious in that the legs and feet resemble those of a raptor! There were many similar variations of the Lousada crest which originated with Emanuel #87 as explained here. This image and that to the right are from Mike Dugdale.   Dish with Lousada coat of arms handed down within Aguilar family. This crest fairly closely resembles Emanuel #87's grant of arms except the 4th dove is missing its collar and green hill, while the sugar canes are shown harvested. There many similar variations of the Lousada crest.