Arthur #106 was a cousin of Edward Charles Lousada #20 and Herbert George Lousada #206, and Arthur's second son Hugh #797 appears to get an unappealing reference in their 1914 correspondence. Hugh married Gwendoline Trevor-Roper at Newbury near Oxford in 1914 before moving back to Yorkshire where their son was born. This caution seems to have been well made when set against the family's understanding a century later that Arthur Philip Hugh Lousada #804 (whose obituary is below) severed contact with his father over Hugh's harshness to his first wife, who died by suicide. A communication gap also appeared to develop between Hugh and Gerald - Gerald's widow bequeathed his entire estate to the RAF Benevolent Fund (perhaps its largest bequest - £250,000 or £500,000 depending upon one's source) unaware that Gerald had living relatives! This branch of the family suffered a loss in the Second World War.

On a brighter note, Hugh's great grandson Michael #1397 is a therapist assisting women in a way undreamed of 100 years earlier!



Newspaper obituary 7 Apr 1997 of Arthur Philip Hugh Lousada #804 1915-1997 - written by grandson Michael #1397