Early Lamegos in the Atlantic trade and suggested link with the Curiels and the later Lamegos

  Ref 120 shows the above Lamegos Diogo Rodrigues de Lamego and Jorge Gomes de Lamego who through their early Atlantic trade - whilst not achieving the highest rank of wealth - were sufficiently prominent to participate in the refinancing of the Spanish Crown during the 1626-43 reign of d'Olivares who was the powerful chief minister under Philip IV. This appears to have been done via Antonio Mendes Lamego who, as ref 23 p27 informs us, was a prominent Atlantic merchant of the Atlantic sugar and slave trades and within the Tinoco, Fernandes Camaragibe and Rodrigues de Mello e Tovar complex of wealthy families. We are not yet sure how Antonio Mendes Lamego relates to these early Lamegos or the later Lamegos.

This chart suggests that the Diogo Rodrigues the early merchant may have been the same Diogo Rodrigues who married Guiomar da Costa of Coimbra who perhaps was his second wife (see ref 35 p52); in 1574 he migrated to Lyons. Perhaps this speculation is immaterial, but if true it might help understand the Lamego/Curiel marriage which gave rise to the Rouen Lamegos, and then why Aaron Lamego may have linked with the Curiels in Barbados or Jamaica and why the Lousada thought that they had ancestors in Jamaica well before 1655 - such ancestors were probably Curiel/Acostas.

The above chart also shows a simple suggestion as to how the early Lamegos may be linked to the later Lamegos. Several factors influence our suggestion - explanatory notes may be found on the later Lamego page. Juan Rodrigues Lamego and Antonio Rodrigues Lamego have different mothers (ref 142) so it seems that the family was in transition from using Rodrigues to Lamego as a surname. The Mendes name appears in 2 places suggesting an early Mendes/Lamego link and (rather than suggesting that there was a third wife) we have chosen a simple option by suggesting an aunt married a Mendes which seems to give the surnames of Antonio Mendes Lamego in the correct order. The wife of Luis de Oliveira is given as the daughter of Luis Antonio in ref 142 and since Luis de Oliveira was an uncle of Bartolome Febos (the earliest surviving son of Antonio Rodrigues Lamego) this suggests the name of the father of Manuel and Antonio Rodrigues Lamego as Luis Antonio Rodrigues de Lamego.