Myers and Wertheimer ancestry appear in Ed Barrow's Y lineage

Ed Barrow's Y lineage R-Y19847 is one of the original Ashkenasi lineages, according to Adam Brown and Michael Waas. As can be seen in the match listing below from FamilyTreeDNA, Ed's closest matches contain fascinating clues especially the Myers, Wertheimer and Goldsmid connections. The below-cited Wertheimer genealogy goes back furthest and this must be pursued as hinted above. So must Myers ancestry but here our other enquiries so far have only uncovered a family legend that the first Myers known in that particular family was from Russia. We have proved a Goldsmid connection with Julian and Ed but this does not go via Y ancestry.

We extracted these details of the top 10 matches (earliest known ancestor where available, FamilyTreeDNA crude birthdate estimate of nearest common ancestor with Ed Barrow) as follows:

  Freedman  Kiva Freedman/Isaac Dov b1876  1750 
  Goldsmith    1650 
  Spain  Lipa Spunt  1650 
  Myers  Thomas Myers ~~1797 London 1650 
  Wiel  Samuel Wiel 1808  1650 
  Barry  Rabbi Isaac Wertheimer b1588  1500 
  Beniamin    1500 
  Frost  Gersh Chaim Frost b early 1800s Poland 1500 
  Gossels    1500 
  Mendelson    1500 

The Myers name is present in the names of Mair Menzels and Mayer Michael Pressburg; the father of Mair Menzels was Jacob as shown on Wertheimer ancestry might be inserted, for Samson Wertheimer is shown on as having 3 sisters - Mindl, Kronle, and NN - and possibly not Hannah though perhaps Hannah was a cousin of Samson. The father of Baruch was Moses Lichtenstadt (ref 379).


Ed Barrow's top 10 Y matches