Claire Myers and 2 Julians 

Clare Myers made a significant contribution to our understanding of the remnant Baruch Lousadas of Barbados, when in pursuit of her Barbados Lindo and Massiah ancestry, she encountered the will of Isaac Lindo (who appears in the chart above). Prompted by this will, she asked why it was that 3 Baruch Lousada children appeared as nieces and nephews of Isaac Lindo.

Our answer to Claire's question not only showed that it was Massiah marriages which linked the Lindo and Baruch Lousada families in Barbados. But, of great interest to English Baruch Lousada genealogy, it showed that the Rachel Baruch Lousada who married Isaac Lamego, a key ancestor of the English Baruch Lousada (and also the English Mocattas and Montefiores), was the 1st daughter of Solomon Baruch Lousada of Barbados. That is - thanks to the naming rules of the Sephardic Jews - each of the 6 children of Rachel Baruch Lousada nee Gomez Henriques of Barbados had a daughter named Rachel making 6 1st cousins all named Rachel Baruch Lousada, one of whom married Isaac Lamego. This marriage was the 3rd of the 5 Lamego & Lousada marriages which cemented the union of the Lamego and Lousada families. As for the sons, only 4 Aarons appeared as grandsons of Aaron Baruch Lousada of Barbados and Rachel Gomez Henriques - for 2 of their children David and Esther produced no sons leaving just the 3 Aarons of Solomon, Jacob and Emanuel and Aaron Alvin son of Hannah.

In noting that Julian Land and Julian Lousada were both named after Julian George Lousada, who in turn was unconventionally named after his 2 grandmothers both named Juliana, Claire observed that she was related to both Julianas - she was the 1st cousin 4 times removed of Juliana Elkin, whilst Juliana Goldsmid was the mother-in-law of Claire's 2nd cousin 3 times removed. To see how these 2 links came about the above chart was drawn up. It shows Claire's 2 connections were via the Elkin family, and not directly via the Goldsmids. But the descendants of Jacob aka John and George Baruh Lousada all have Goldsmid ancestry for George married Juliana Goldsmid as shown above, while John aka Jacob married Tryphena Barrow the 1st daughter of Simon Barrow of Bath all of whose descendants had Goldsmid ancestry because his wife Tryphena de Symons had a Goldsmid mother Mary aka Polly.