We have charted the transition between a single Baruch Lousada family in Livorno around 1640 and the eventual emergence of the 2 enduring branches of the family - the Jamaican/English Baruh Lousadas and the Surinam/Curacao Baruch Louzadas. Six destinations were involved in this transition and in each destination a different story arose: 

1. The Barbados Baruch Lousadas were present from about 1659, and their graves number 34. Offshoot communities were established in Curacao around 1685 and Jamaica around 1705. Links were maintained with Amsterdam and Surinam for a period. A link was established with the Barrows who arrived around 1750, and this link continued in England but both families disappeared from Barbados by 1831.
2. The London Baruch Lousadas arrived around 1660, but the initial influx was on its last legs despite many interactions with Amsterdam, when there was an influx of Jamaican Baruch Lousadas commencing around 1740.
3. The Amsterdam Baruch Lousadas were present from 1649 only until 1739, and their graves number 15. There were relocations to and from London and Curacao.
4. The Surinam Baruch Lousadas had arrived by 1671 but by 1695 seem to have retreated to Curacao from whence they became firmly re-established in Surinam by 1746. Our Surinam genealogy is based on ref 287 but before incorporating it into our main genealogy we edited it to import the amendments arising in our chart of the Curacao Baruch Lousadas and also to import more recent gravestone data. Surinam Baruch Louzada grave records total 38 and the family lived there until 1912.
5. The Curacao Baruch Lousadas served a linking role between the family in Amsterdam, Barbados and Surinam. However, they did not proliferate, for grave records total only 14 and their presence covered the period from about 1685 to 1816. Despite this small number, the Curacao Baruch Lousadas were crucial in the settlement of Surinam.
6. Though Jamaica played a crucial role in replenishing the Lousada name in London with descendants of Emanuel #41 and Jacob #380, the local Jamaican Baruch Lousada presence was only modest with 9 graves and it lasted from about 1705 until 1808. Descendants with other surnames were present and thus the descendants of Rebecca Aguilar (a daughter of Emanuel) also contributed to family replenishment in London as did the descendants of Rachel Rodrigues Lopes #1201 (a daughter of Jacob) - click here to find a link to them provided by Alan Pereira.

7. Our knowledge of the Tunis Baruch Lousadas comes mainly from French genealogical literature and we have yet to add to it by our own research.