Peak House, Sidmouth, probably around 1855 Lake at Chiswick House, London House of Simeon Charles Lousada #74 Richmond Sugar Estates in Jamaica Simon Barrow's house in Bath Tripp Hill House  Monument on Montefiore Hill commemorating Adelaide's birth NSW 1838 landholding of Joseph Barrow Montefiore   Melbourne - grave of Samuel Barrow India Madrid Villaflor, Terras de Tras-os-Montes, Portugal 


A Devonshire sketchbook        

Sidcliffe House, Sidmouth - home of John Bacon FSA 

by John Bacon FSA Devonshire Square, London Bevis Marks Synagogue Portugal and western Spain Livorno Austro-Hungarian Empire pre WW1 Barbados Surinam Diaspora of Iberian Sephardim Mile End Cemetery, London, dating from 1657 Curacao   Amsterdam