Ton Tielen, a historian of the Dotar, Terra Santa and other Jewish charities of Amsterdam, has been kind enough to inform us when he has found data relevant to us. A sketch of his interests can be found on His contributions can be found as refs 99, 101, 103, 105, 107, 108, 109, and 112.

These contributions have assisted in a number of key areas but especially:

  1. The family headed by Isaac Baruch Louzada who died in Amsterdam in 1677 including the economic importance of family members, the identity of 2 sons Jacob and Solomon not covered by Wilfred Samuel (ref 5), and confirmation of Mordechai as a son of Moses Baruh Lousada

  2. The possible origin of the Baruch Louzadas in Livorno who around 1652 were there with the Lumbroso Louzadas

  3. The possible link between the Lousadas of Barbados and London with the Louzadas of Surinam

  4. Generally in showing us how much the Amsterdam archives enlighten our family history; for instance he found (ref 103) an Amsterdam 1694 real estate transaction between, on the one hand, the widow and 3 daughters of Jacob Baruh Lousada (who was in London in 1660 with his London brother the esteemed Anglo-Jewish stalwart Moses Baruh Lousada) and, on the other hand, Jacob's more peripatetic brother David Baruch Louzada

  5. A further contribution (ref 141) shows a close relationship between the family of Abraham Israel Pereira (formerly Thomé Rodrigues Pereira) of Madrid, Venice and Amsterdam the Baruch Lousadas for it seems likely that Abraham Israel Pereira had a mother who was a sister of Isaac Baruch Lousada of Livorno and Amsterdam.

  6. In response to Ton's invitation, a presentation to the Sephardic World online forum was given by Julian Land on the subject of David Baruch Louzada #44.