Will of Jacob Barrow #60

JB extract from synagoguescribes

Will of Jael Barrow #61

JNB extract from synagoguescribes

 Will of Joseph Barrow #238

JBB extract from synagoguescribes

Frank Cheesman's notes

Barbados Barrow wills

Ancestry of Judith Joseph Levi

notes by Julian Land

Will of Rebecca Barrow #236

RB extract from synagoguescribes

Will of Sarah Barrow #241

SB extract from synagoguescribes

Attachments to Man Family tree

Lousada Family Genealogy

Descendants of Israel Israel

Mocatta-Lousada 1873 marriage

Indenture and Memorandam

Will of Jacob Baruh Lousada #36

JBL extract from synagoguescribes

Will of Aaron Lamego #128

extract from synagoguescribes NA1265

Wills of Aaron Baruh Lousada #1174 and his sisters

extract of Aaron's will from synagoguescribes NA1268 with link to his sisters' wills from UK National Archives

Will of Isaac Lamego #38

extract from synagoguescribes NA 1263

Ancestors of Mary Lousada #69


Marrano Names


Census Data

Peak House 1861

Peak House 1871

Barrows Ryde 1861

Founders of the Creechurch/Bevis Marks congregation


Grant of Arms to Emanuel Lousada #87

Document from Peter Lousada

Extract from Will of Emanuel Lousada #135

Provided by Tony Harding

Extract from Peerage Texts

Nobilities of Europe

Burke's Peerage

Beneficiaries of the Will of Emanuel Lousada #142

Extracted by Julian Land

Notes on the history of Mocatta & Goldsmid

Extracted by John Bury

Documents in UK National Archives


Olivares Notes

Compiled by Julian Land

Wills of Aron Baruch Louzada #376 and Rachel Gomez Henriques #377

Extracted from ref 5

 Descendants of David Baruh Louzada #44

Provided by Fenneke Louzada-Scheltens from data of Iwan de Vries

Further Amsterdam marriage data

Provided by Edgar Samuel by email 31 Jan 2013

The Lousada Dukes

Image of (unconvincing) case for reinstatement

Notes on the Lousada Dukes by a great-great-grand-daughter of Isaac the 1st Lousada Duke

De Dirsztay tree

Image of tree

Extracted text

9 Nov 1699 Lousada financial settlement

Image of document and reference

Will of Isaac Lindo

Image of document

Will of Daniel Massiah

Image of document

Will of Abigail Rodrigues Lopes #395

Transcript and comments

Will of Esther Lamego #386

Transcript and comments

French naturalization papers of Antonio Rodrigues Lamego and his family 13 Sep 1619

Go to ref 150 for the link

Will of Abraham Rodrigues Lopes #1202

Image of document

Lousadas of Livorno

extracted from ref 185

Extracts from the 1831 will (plus the 1837 codicil) of Eliezer Montefiore #453

Image of document (15MB)