1. The above extract was obtained by Peter Lousada from the College of Arms in November 2013.
2. This 1777 grant, when compared with the arms we believe to be those of the Duque de Losada (the left-hand image shown in our collection of Lousada crests shown here), adds a 4th dove and a chevron with 2 sugar canes - perhaps to distinguish it from that of the Duque who did not die until1783.
Family records contained the following composite document which restates the College of Arms grant (above) and also provides extracts from Burke. The sharp-eyed reader will note an interesting discrepancy - the doves from the 1st Burke citation hold a sprig of olive as distinct from a sprig of laurel from the College of Arms. Perhaps this reflected a further attempt by Emanuel's agents to avoid a clash with the Duque's arms.