The tree has plenty of interest, but has numerous errors. Thus the account of Moses Baruh Lousada is difficult to square with what we know. The tree makes many of the errors about Lousada genealogy that were common prior to our work eg it has Emanuel #41 of Jamaica marrying the wrong Esther. Aaron Baruh Lousada #125 did not have a son Jacob, but his father Emanuel #41 of course did. The chart attributes to Jacob (the brother of Isaac the 1st Lousada Duke) an illustrious line in the Habsburg aristocracy whereas Jacob appears to us to have had a modest end to his life in Jamaica in 1800. The top entry of the the chart concerns a Don Salomon de Louzada purportedly related to the Portuguese House of Braganza and whilst the story therein is similar to the story of the Lamego in-laws the Curiels, no care seems to have been taken to clarify how he relates to the Baruch Lousadas. The parentage given of Moritz Baruh is suspect since the only Lousada/Ximenes marriage in the descendants of Emanuel #41 was in 1770 and produced no children. There is much that is interesting about the tree, however, but the many uncritical attempts made to import Lousada ancestry are unsubtle; none of these is valid and we have suggested an ancestry of Moritz Baruh which to our mind has more chance of being successful.