This will was provided by Claire Myers who is a descendant of Isaac Lindo. The will has assisted resolution of the Barbados Baruch Lousadas, but the family connection is not yet known. We have eliminated the obvious possibilities - namely that Isaac Lindo's wife was a Baruch Lousada (she does not appear in the Baruch Lousada wills) and that David Baruch Lousada married a sister Sarah of Isaac Lindo (she was Sarah Belinfante). There are a few possible explanations but the simplest possibility is that Judith Lindo was the sister of David Baruch Lousada's wife Sarah - but we do not have this family's name. Perhaps this can be inferred from the fact that the Barbados Massiah wills show a link in the form of a Baruch Louzada nephew of Simon Massiah (probate 1776) - that is perhaps Judith and Sarah were sisters of Simon Massiah.