This transcript of the will of Abigail Rodrigues Pereira #1201 by Margaret Nye-Pereira was provided Alan Pereira in October 2014. It attempts to capture some of the writing styles of the time and it shows the difficulty of reading such documents. We had used the following numbers in connection with the following people in the will - brother Mordechai Rodrigues Lopes #394, Esther Levi #1459, Rebecca Aguilar #130, Esther Franco #400, Abraham Franco #412, Rachel Pereira #407, Menasseh Lopes #405, Isaac Aguilar #168, Rachel Pereira #399, and Isaac Pereira #402.

Also provided was the transcript of the will of Esther Lamego #386 another daughter of Jacob #380. This will contains 2 key pieces of information - it cites her aunt Hannah Alvin and this perfectly verifies our view of the Barbados to Jamaica transition of the Baruch Lousadas around 1710, for we predicted that Hannah - the younger sister of Emanuel #41 and Jacob #380 - married an Alvin in Jamaica. It also provides evidence that Aaron #125 was indeed the son of Esther Lamego - something we had been inclined to rule out on the basis that the will of Aaron Lamego omitted Aaron #125 but this new evidence require us to consider other reasons for the omission.