The genealogies produced from Julian Land's genealogical database, and via GEDCOM files made available by other contributors, can be found here. The Barrow and Lousada genealogies may be found here, and also genealogies of collateral families not included in our main genealogy.

 Charts by John Bury showing Barrow and Lousada family history going back to key ancestors Simon Barrow of Barbados and Emanuel Baruh Lousada of Jamaica. Some edits are in the pipeline - eg the Lousada/Ximenes marriage in Jamaica was between Abigail and Daniel not Clare and David!

Special-purpose charts by Julian Land highlighting aspects of the family history

Historic family trees

DNA and genealogy: advances in technology make it likely that DNA will provide a way of eventually solving many genealogical puzzles. Julian Land has had his DNA measured and the 'assigned kit number' from is TF4905650; his initial reaction to the ethnicity revealed by may be found here. Close Land and Truscott relatives became immediately apparent. When the data was uploaded to Family Tree DNA the kit number given there was B558301 with password 7CD6A7. There was an immediate reaction to this upload - Geoff Congdon got in touch - he is a 2nd cousin and descends from Edmund Truscott #1479, youngest brother of Mary Truscott, Julian Land's grandmother (ref 307). The reference numbers given above can be used to make a comparison with other DNA results. Accounts of such comparisons, and our general notes on DNA and genealogy, may be found here.