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Special-purpose charts by Julian Land highlighting aspects of the family history

Historic family trees

John Bury's charts showing Barrow and Lousada family history going back to key ancestors Simon Barrow #59 of Barbados and Emanuel Baruh Lousada #41 of Jamaica

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(not delivered yet) 'Lamegos and Lousada Dukes'

(not delivered yet) 'Fun With Autosomal DNA'

For Sephardic World 11 Jul 2022 'Cardinal Errors in Sephardic Genealogy'

For Sephardic World 31 Jan 2022 'Barrows and Fischl de Dirsztays'

For Sephardic World 25 Oct 2021 'Cobblers to Cosmopolitans - the Fortunate Baruch Lousadas'

For Sephardic World 4 Jan 2021 'The Life of David Baruch Lousada'

For West Gippsland Genealogical Society 27 Oct 2016 'Edward Charles Lousada - West Gippsland Pioneer' 


Coffee Table Book   


'My Baruch Lousada Ancestors: their place in the Western Sephardic Diaspora' has been printed and is being distributed to friends and family. It now generally available by print-on-demand or as a PDF from