John Baruh Lousada #25 of Peak House. He was the third Lousada to own Peak House at Sidmouth, Devon, having inherited it from his (childless) uncle Emanuel #142. He and Tryphena Barrow formed the only pair of grandchildren of Jacob Barrow who married. His wife, also his cousin, was the oldest daughter of Simon Barrow of Bath and they married 25 Aug 1832 in Bath. His children were brought up as Christians, reflecting the conversion of his father-in-law. This conversion took place shortly after Tryphena Esther Lyon de Symons died on 10 Mar 1828; she had a Jewish burial, and Simon a Christian one. John Baruh Lousada had 6 sons and 5 daughters and is the source of the Australian Lousadas - 6 of his offspring went to Australia and/or produced Australian descendants - see chart. John Baruh Lousada was father of Edward Charles and Mortimer, and brother of Mary Bacon and Simeon Charles Lousada. Click here to return to family portraits. Though he converted to Christianity following his father-in-law, he was the second son and his name reflects that of his maternal grandfather Jacob Barrow #60.