Mary Lousada (lower right) was a sister of John Baruh Lousada #25 and Simeon Charles Lousada #74, and great-great-grandmother of John Bury #291. She died in 1913 aged 102; see her obituary for many insights into a century in which the Lousadas flourished. Photograph taken at the Vicarage in Swallowfield, Berkshire; the Vicar was her son, Maunsell John Bacon, seen here in the front row.   Mary Bacon nee Lousada  attains 100 years of age!   Mary Bacon nee Lousada in front of the cottage built for her by her architect son Francis! A circa 1860 photograph of Mary Bacon nee Lousada.   A Bacon family picnic presumably near Swallowfield; it was provided by John Bury on 14 Dec 2013. The bearded cleric is Maunsell Bacon his great grandfather, son of Mary Bacon Lousada (also pictured). The photo came to John as a glass negative (one of 300) found quite recently in a garden shed at the vicarage in Swallowfield (where Maunsell presided for 40 years) which had survived there for 90 years.