Family of Simeon Charles Lousada #640 1824-1904 with his wife Charlotte Sophia Moysey showing all 8 children - from left to right - Emily Henriette (grandmother of Anthony Gordon #1267 who sent the picture), Charles Stirling (grandfather of Peter Lousada #483), Beatrice Eleanor #217, the twins Bertie and Edward (both of whom lost their lives early in WW1), Florence Marion #269, William Poulett #264 and Nina Evelyn #219.

Opinions differ on whether this picture was taken at the Italianate villa in Cheltenham 'Lansdowne Court' - Anthony Gordon suggests it was taken at the now-demolished Shelburne House of Lansdowne Road, Cheltenham - and that Google Maps may allow us to settle this.

Simeon Charles Lousada was married relatively late in life at age 51, and his children were born over the period 1876-88. The twins Edward and Bertie were born in 1888 and died at Ypres early in WW1, and were therefore of a similar age as the sons of their cousin Edward Charles Lousada 1854-1932, who were also lost in Flanders in WW1 - Barrow Helbert Ellis Lousada 1890-1916, and Cecil StLeger Lousada 1897-1918.