Florence Marion Bradley nee Lousada 1884-1957 #269 and her daughter Barbara Joan Bradley 

Florence Marion was the 4th daughter of Simeon Charles Lousada #74, great-aunt of Peter Lousada #483, and 1st cousin of Edward Charles Lousada #20. Until late 1953, her brother William Poulett Lousada, together with his (second) wife Florence May Bemrose nee Prince, lived near her in Surrey. Curiously Florence May figured in the art world as well, though not as subject but as a donor.

This portrait is poignant, for Barbara Joan died young. It is signed by the artist (lower right), and is further inscribed 'Florence and Barbara Bradley' (upper left)

Painted September 1921 by Frederick Samuel Beaumont (1861-1954)

Oil on canvas, 31 1/2 x 26 in (80.1 x 66.1cm)