Peak House became a social centre for Anglo-Jewry, and the vast number of bequests made by the will of Emanuel #142 - the 2nd Peak House Lousada - gives a glimpse of this. Emanuel #87 established the Peak House estate and was one of the early Jewish land-owners in England. He also obtained a grant of arms that was used by the Lousada Dukes (see image included here). Like his uncle Emanuel, the 2nd Emanuel had no children, and Peak House was left to John Baruh Lousada in 1854, and ref 165 provides a motive for this apparent neglect of John's older brother Isaac #68. In the end, John Baruh Lousada had financial problems soon after inheriting Peak House from his uncle; Rosemount and the Peak were sold off in his lifetime with both being rebuilt. Originally the Peak Hill Estate was the second-largest in the area, including the land now occupied with the Sidmouth Golf Club (ref 65 pp 32-5). Rosemount Cottage was the home of Daniel Ximenes in his retirement, who had three separate family links to Emanuel Lousada #87. Handel Bennett of the Sid Vale Association advised us that John Baruh Lousada sold Peak House in 1869 to the Sidmouth Manor Trustees but this may have been a legal maneuver to maintain consistency with the bequest whilst enabling pieces of the estate to be sold off to provide maintenance funds. John and Tryphena lived in the house until its sale to a third party in 1877.