As David #44 was born in Livorno in 1640, we ask whether the Baruch Louzadas went directly to Barbados/London/Amsterdam around 1660 or whether they spent a decade or two in some intermediate place eg France. Because of Terra Santa data provided by Ton Tielen (ref 108), from which we see that Baruch Lousadas and Lumbroso Lousadas traveled from Livorno to Jerusalem around 1652, we are inclined to believe that the family headed by Isaac #42 stayed in Livorno until almost 1660. However, France is a possible stopping place in the last decade before 1660, for one source (ref 121) has Moses Baruh Lousada coming from France to London, whilst David's wife Esther Rodrigues da Costa (perhaps his second of three) was from Paris. The Lamego family was based in Rouen with links to Jamaica before 1655. and later moved to Bordeaux.