It was quite an occasion on 20 Jan 2016 with 6 first meetings. On the left are Hall relatives Diana Mayne and Pippa Stedman with Audrey Dowel, Bronwyn Collins and Julian Land. Pippa is a Hall 3rd cousin of Bronwyn and Julian, whilst Diana is married to David Mayne a Hall 2nd cousin of Audrey. Pippa is a niece of David Mayne. Bronwyn and Julian are Lousada 2nd cousins while Audrey is Julian Land's Lousada aunt.   The headstone does not reflect Beatrice's Hall ancestry, but the new epitaph (see image to the far right) corrects this omission as it shows the full name of Audrey's grandmother Isabella Beatrice Haliburton Lousada nee Hall (who was a sister of David Mayne's grandmother Evelyn Louisa Tiarks nee Hall). It also shows the name of the 3rd son of Edward Charles Lousada who was Edward Charles Hall Lousada (who had one son Rev John Matthews Hall Lousada).   In front of the grave of Audrey's parents Aubrey George Lousada and Mary Truscott. The graves of Audrey's siblings Mary Eleanor Land nee Lousada and Frank Cecil Lousada are nearby. Aubrey and his brothers Barrow and Cecil spent much of their WW1 leave with their Tiarks Hall aunt and cousins at Kilburn in London, and Diana brought her parents-in-law to visit Aubrey in 1971 and 1974.   Bronwyn and Audrey met for the first time. Bronwyn's mother Gwen was a cousin of Audrey. Gwen's parents were Catherine Frances Lousada and Thomas William Truscott, whilst Audrey's parents were Aubrey George Lousada and Mary Truscott. Gwen was a sister of Cecile Jordan-Ellerman who provided the grave of Benjamin Barrow Lousada #77 1887-1954 visible behind the grave of his father Edward Charles Lousada.   The new epitaph adds to the recollections of Horace Frank Lousada. One son Harry Bernard died young and was buried at Warragul Cemetery where the grave of the 3rd Hall sister Jemima Vans Affleck nee Hall can also be found. Click here for a photograph of the family. Notwithstanding the text above, we now think Edward Charles Lousada may have arrived a little earlier - in late 1871 as a 17 year-old.