Cecil St Leger Lousada on the left with Hope Charles Phipps (Bill) Tiarks #1728 centre rear and Evelyn Mary Tiarks #1727 front centre. She was the mother of David Mayne whose wife Diana Mayne provided this photo on 19 Nov 2015. The photo was probably taken in 1917. Bill and Mary were cousins of Cecil, Aubrey and Barrow and the cousins saw a lot of each other during WW1. Diana said that she had the pleasure of taking David's parents to Korumburra to meet Aubrey in Apr 1971 and Apr 1974 and said that they were moved by the experience of meeting again after more than 50 years. On the right is Lieut. Lush - who later, though not much older, became a step-father of the Tiarks cousins when his sister Reuelle Lush married their father in 1929 after Evelyn Louisa (see photographs to the right) died. She had been his housekeeper and survived him by decades.   On left is Rev Charles Hope Tiarks 1870-1950 #577 with his wife Evelyn Louisa nee Hall 1864-1928 #576  with son John Gerhard Tiarks later Bishop of Chelmsford and his wife Gwyneth Mary nee Mathews. John Tiarks was a cousin of Aubrey Lousada. The photo was taken around 1927 in Ipswich and was provided by Diana Mayne on 19 Nov 2015. Evelyn Louisa did not marry an Australian - much to the relief of her mother according to family legend - as did her 2 sisters Beatrice Lousada and Jemima Affleck! See ref 178 for Tiarks genealogy.   Evelyn Louisa Tiarks nee Hall   Ever since those WW1 days, the Tiarks Halls kept in touch with the Australian Lousada Halls - here is a page from an old address book of David Mayne (thanks to Diana Mayne)