General Sir George de Symons Barrow #302 1864-1959   Bromide print 1936 Walter Stoneman NPGx163926 Is this the young George de Symons Barrow shown in an Indian studio portrait? In 1941 he volunteered as a 70 year-old and became a private in the Home Guard. His wife Lady Sybilla Barrow is on the right, and their daughter Sybilla McCallum is on the left; her 2 sons are Angus and George. His son was Major David Barrow whose children were Carlotta and Peter Barrow. As a Colonel with the Scinde Horse; photograph found by Carlotta Barrow in Dec 2013 in a frame behind the picture on the far left! This prompted Edmund Barrow to note he has a similar photograph of his father as a Major in the same regiment!



 He was a grandson of Simon Barrow of Bath and saw service in India/Pakistan, China, Egypt, Palestine (he appears in ref 290), and the Western Front. He did excellent staff work. From his book 'The Fire of Life' (ref 111), covering his military experience, we learn the family motto 'Fortune With Thine Honour'. His family history notes are fascinating but mingle the unprovable, the erroneous and the informative! They can be found in American Jewish Archives (ref SC744) but Tony Harding advises that the history was also placed in the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain where it was tracked down by Rosemary Hoffman.

Some letters he wrote consequent upon the death in Australia of Blanche Skipper #1013, daughter of Henrietta Mary Barrow, provide an interesting insight into the sentiments of those in England communicating with their partially-forgotten colonial cousins! The first Australian Barrows and Lousadas are depicted in a special-purpose family history chart, and the origin of all the Barrow cousins can be found here. The letters were to James Linton, a son of Charlotte Bates Linton nee Barrow #786, and to Kathleen her sister. Sir George was of course first cousin of Charlotte Linton and the newly deceased Blanche Skipper. Though a cousin, Blanche Skipper was 17 years older than George and brought him up for some years while his parents were in India. He is aware of Benjamin Barrow Lousada (first son of another cousin Edward Charles Lousada) who appears to be involved with resolving Blanche Skipper's affairs, and Sir Edmund Barrow #700, another cousin. David Linton provided the copies of the letters. Curiously, Arthur Francis Lousada - son of another cousin Howel Arthur Lousada - dwelt with Blanche Skipper in her old age as his common-law second wife was a live-in nurse of Blanche Skipper. This we know from Winton Harman Lousada's recollections. And from Audrey Lousada's recollections, we know that Blanche Skipper - who farmed as a single woman near Edward Charles Lousada's original landholding north of Warragul - was a legendary handler of cattle!