Henrietta Mary Barrow was mother of Herbert de Symons Skipper 1848-1901 #1012 and Blanche Henrietta Skipper 1847-1939 #1013, who were Australian cousins of Edward Charles Lousada, and part of the Barrow Lousada influx to Australia. The graves of Herbert and Blanche are at Drouin West Cemetery. The father Robert Skipper may have died before the 1871 Wales Census as he does not appear in it with his family.

Herbert de Symons Skipper was a civil engineer was born in Wales and died in Drouin. Blanche Henrietta owned a farm next to the original property of Edward Charles Lousada north of Warragul and farmed it herself. She died in Malvern aged 92 - her death gave rise to some correspondence involving several family branches - in this correspondence it can be seen that being a much older cousin of General Sir George Barrow she looked after him when he was a child while his parents were in India. The step-mother of Winton Harmon Lousada was the live-in nurse of Blanche Henrietta Skipper in the 1930s.