An art student in Perth, Charlotte Bates Barrow 1869-1950 #786 married the English artist James Walter Robert Linton who started an art school in Perth during a visit to Western Australia to investigate a failed mining investment. They started the Australian line of Linton Barrows. This black and white image is of a portrait by the artist in 1916 and was found on the Coombe/Linton family tree on Charlotte Bates Barrow originally came to Australia, according to her great grandson David Linton, to assist her sister Esther run a restaurant in Kalgoorlie, but Esther emigrated to Canada. Charlotte Bates Barrow was a cousin of Edward Charles Lousada and was part of the influx of Barrow Lousadas to Australia. Below is an image of a rare family meeting - Tania Stadler #1151, a granddaughter of Charlotte Bates Barrow, met Edmund Barrow #772 during a visit to Kenya in March 2012. They both descend from General Joseph Lyon Barrow #223, second son of Simon Barrow of Bath; Edmund from the first marriage of General Barrow, Tania from the second marriage.