Contributions by Barrow and Lousada family members

Julian Land started on this website in 2010, building upon the family history work of Tony Harding (4th cousin with common ancestor Simon Barrow of Bath) and John Bury (4th cousin of Julian and 5th cousin of Tony). John Bury provided the Devonshire countryside sketches and the Devonshire portraits, the Barrow & Lousada family history charts, the map of Portugal and Western Spain, the map of the Baruch Lousada dispersal from Livorno, pictorial diaries of his visit to Sidmouth and his visit to Amsterdam, the Lousada pages by Colyer-Fergusson at the Society of Genealogists (see ref 85), and various documents from the Lancashire Records office over and above those already collected by Peter Lousada; he also extracted the text from and photographed the de Dirsztay family tree which despite loving care by Peter Lousada had reached a bad state of repair. Julian Land provided the special-purpose charts, in many cases in a response to interest in a topic expressed by others contributors. He also provided the historical notes, listed the references and sources, compiled the key documents and images, and combined the Barrow and Lousada family trees into one GedCom database. In 2011, the year the website was launched, we were joined by the siblings Peter and Carlotta Barrow (3rd cousins once removed from Julian and Tony); and Peter Allen Lousada (a Bedfordshire Lousada and 3rd cousin once removed from Julian and John) who had tried much earlier to contact the Australian Lousadas and who now made available his family's large collection of Lousada material. Winton Harman Lousada (Australian 2nd cousin of Julian Land's mother) provided stationery collected on a 1957 trip to England when he met his 3rd cousin Marion Irene Keyser nee Lousada. Rupert Musgrove, 4th cousin of Julian and Tony, and Nina Atkins (daughter of Peter Barrow) contributed, as did Marcus Whitaker (a Bacon 4th cousin of John Bury). Edmund Barrow (4th cousin of Julian and Tony) in late October 2011 shared his Barrow database. In 2012, Daniel Lousada, an Australian 2nd cousin of Julian Land, provided an image of a Lousada crest, Barrow 4th cousins David Linton and Tacy Rickard provided information on their respective ancestors Charlotte Bates Barrow and William Francis Barrow, Anthony Gordon - a 2nd cousin of Peter Lousada - provided the Royal flying instructor story, Simon Greenfield (a 7th cousin once removed) enlightened us on the Aguilars and also the Ximenes and Mendes da Costa families and Sandra Lousada (a 4th cousin of Julian and John) contributed a fine portrait of her father Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada, whose handwriting - so Lily Lousada informed us - was spotted on the Benjamin Barrow Lousada family tree by Sebastian Lousada, Lily's father and Sandra's half-brother. Since January 2013, James Greener - a relative via at least one Montefiore connection - has provided a stream of helpful data both on Barbados wills and deeds (ref 190 and 191) and also on the early Montefiores and Carvajals. Also in January 2013, many decades after separate contacts by both Peter and Winton Lousada, we reconnected with the Netherlands Louzada family via Karin Louzada and her mother Fenneke Louzada-Scheltens, who provided data on its origins in Surinam. In February 2013, Barry Smith - cousin of Julian Land - and Gwen Truscott - cousin by marriage of Julian Land's mother - contributed much local Lousada material. In early 2013, Jeremy Lousada updated us on the Yorkshire Lousadas, one of whom is now in Australia. In June 2013, Barrow Hutchison (3rd cousin once removed) updated us on some Canadian Barrows. In May 2014, Claire Myers provided an extract of the 1780 Barbados will of Isaac Lindo which shows a marriage connection with the Baruh Louzadas of Barbados; she also provided an extract of the 1742 Barbados will of Daniel Massiah which provides evidence that the person who married the first grandson Aaron #714 of the original Aaron Baruh Louzada #376 of Barbados was Esther Sarah Massiah not - as has been erroneously supposed by even eminent genealogists - Esther Lamego of Jamaica. Later she provided further data on the Massiah, de Peza, Lindo and Burgos families which enabled us to elucidate a link between the Barrows and Baruch Lousadas in Barbados. In October 2014 Alan Pereira provided a transcript by his wife Margaret Nye-Pereira of several wills; these illuminated people related to Jacob #380 and Alan is our first contributor from this major English branch of the family from which however the Lousada name disappeared after one generation in favour of Lopes and Pereira - for further contributions see below. On 22 Mar 2015 Scott McDougall provided some details of his wife's descent from the de Dirsztay family of Budapest and in 2020 gave further details of the descendants of Bela de Dirsztay. On 16 Apr 2015 Michael Waas provided details from his descent from Abraham Israel Pereira, and we have prepared a chart comparing the ancestry of Julian Land and Michael Waas. On 17 Apr 2015 Elisabeth Frankish pointed out that Sir Menasseh Massey Lopes did not exclude his own daughter when he excluded the Pereira family from his estate in favour of the Franco Lopes family, for his daughter died many years before the will! She also provided a Lopes family photograph. On 22 Apr 2015 Kathie Olden provided access to many Australian family documents some of which have been uploaded with more to come. On 11 May 2015 Lauren Jones added some Trevor-Roper family members to our genealogies. On 12 and 13 Nov 2015, Diana Mayne provided details of the Hall family and their links with the Tiarks (ref 178) and Lousada families. On 27 Oct 2016, Lynne Bickers corrected some details of the Affleck Halls of Warragul, whilst Bronwyn Simpson provided a 1900 photograph of the family of Edward Charles Lousada. In Oct 2016 Abigail Green pointed out the significance to English Montefiore and Mocatta ancestry of Rachel Baruh Lousada the wife of Isaac Lamego and this prompted us to make a long-delayed identification of Rachel as the first granddaughter of Aaron Baruh Lousada and Rachel Gomez Henriques of Barbados; later Abigail introduced us to Guido Egidi and his cousin Albert Hazelhoff who are interested in the Montefiore village in Italy which was the source of the Montefiore family name. In May 2017 Neville Rochfort provided details of the South African Lousadas descending from Rochfort Osman Lousada and pointed out that his father Basil changed his named from Lousada to Rochfort. In 2019 John Griffiths progressively provided an account of his descent from a mixed-race daughter of Joseph Barrow and then responded enthusiastically to my beginner's efforts to tackle the field of DNA and genealogy. In 2020 Bob Leuzarder renewed his contact, providing an account of his descent from Jacob Lousada the chocolate merchant who died in NY in 1729, and also a collection of data on the USA Lousadas (ref 324).  In the first half of 2020 John Griffiths enthusiastically tackled the task of statistically analyzing autosomal DNA matches from range of known ancestors and others who matched and the various outcomes of these efforts are noted here.

Contributions by Ton Tielen

Contributions by Edgar Samuel

Further contributions by Alan Pereira

Click here to see what is in their impressive collection of wills. Alan and his wife have many resources to assist family members including the UK National Burial Index 3rd ed and have created a website for their work. Alan Pereira's review of our main genealogy yielded a comprehensive account of the descendants of Jacob #380 thus covering not only all those who appear in Uncle Ben's family tree, but many more besides. These have been included in our main genealogy. Alan's review of our entire genealogy also yielded many mini-genealogies to augment our data and these mini-genealogies have mostly been integrated into our main genealogy; for the remainder see here and we have generally these references are noted for each relevant person in our main genealogy. He also advised on IT aspects of the integration of the Barrows, Surinam Louzadas, Den Haag Louzadas and Aguilars into the main genealogy. Alan Pereira's ancestry in comparison to Julian Land's is shown here.

Contributions by many other interested people