The above image is of a part of the family tree handed down to Peter Lousada from his father. The tree - minus its annotations of course - turns out to be a copy of the tree drawn up by the genealogist Sir Thomas Colyer-Fergusson, which is held at the Society of Genealogists in London (ref 85). Colyer-Fergusson was a meticulous collector of data, but his tree is uncertain in the earliest period. His suggestion as to the children of Moses Baruh Lousada incorrect - for the correct genealogy of Moses Baruh Lousada and his brothers click here for a genealogy and here for a special-purpose chart. The wife of Emanuel Baruh Lousada #41 (the key ancestor of the English Lousadas) is shown incorrectly in some discussions of Colyer-Fergusson's work - for the correct genealogy of Emanuel #41 click here and for a resolution of the error about Emanuel's wife click here.

Peter Lousada also provided a copy of the de Dirsztay tree which imports some of the Colyer-Fergusson data. The tree takes us to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and may shed light on some earlier Barrow-Lousada connections.