Peter Allen Lousada #483 1937- photograph taken by Jean Raeburn in New York in 1965   Peter Lousada and Anthony Gordon in Sep 2013 - 2nd cousins meeting for the first time! For an image of their grandparents who were siblings click here   Peter Lousada (right) representing the Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire with His Royal Highness Prince Michael - Cranfield Bedfordshire 2009


 Peter Allen Lousada is the second son of Air Commodore Charles Rochford Lousada 1909-88 whose descendants are captured in a recent family photograph. Peter Lousada and Julian Land met for the first time at the Victoria and Albert Museum in June 2011. In September the following year they met in Bedfordshire (see below). Though the Australian Lousadas have a link to Bedfordshire, Simeon Charles Lousada's branch of the family was unknown to them, but should not have been - Peter Lousada made many efforts to contact Australian Lousadas. In addition, he has collected a good deal of Lousada historical material that he has liberally shared. An amazing part of this is ref 31, some notes of which are on our Austro-Hungarian Empire page. Peter also provided a list of Barrow descendants sent to him by John Richard Johnstone Barrow #703, which we were able to compare with the Barrow family tree, the recollections of Tony Harding's grandfather, and the Barrow tree provided by Edmund Barrow, in compiling our Barrow genealogy. 



Their golf scores would have been outshone by those of Peter's grandfather, old technology notwithstanding!