Winton Harmon Lousada
Winton Harman Lousada #494 b1918 as a young man. He was born in 1918; grandson of Howell Arthur Lousada #28. During WW2 he was a DC3 pilot in the Pacific; later he was a member of Occupation Forces in Japan and a Far East resident. He met Marion Keyser nee Lousada #246 and Charles Keyser during a trip to London.   Winton Lousada getting his 'wings' in 1944      John Rochfort Lousada #275 1887-1940, brother of Arthur Francis Lousada. His father and Winton's grandfather Howel Arthur Lousada got to Australia almost a decade before his brother Edward Charles Lousada did.   Elle Blanche McHaffie nee Lousada #274 1883-1966 only sister of Arthur Francis Lousada.   Winton's parents Arthur Francis Lousada #276 1890-1969 and Gina Harman. She died in 1929 when Winton was 11. Arthur Francis Lousada was a double cousin of Norah Agnes Lousada - for Reginald Robert Lousada her father and Howel Arthur Lousada married Rochfort sisters.   Winton Harman Lousada at age 93.  On a KLM flight between Thailand and Australia he met a Mrs Louzada who turned out to to be the wife of a KLM executive Hans Louzada whom Peter Allen Lousada later met in Teheran.  


Winton Lousada with Rosemary Tipping (sister of Julian land) on Boxing Day 2011