Barrow crest - image provided by Edmund Barrow, October 2011

On 16 Apr 19 Rupert Musgrove supplied these images of the Barrow crest on a dinner plate (above) and a decanter (below) with the comment: When my great grandmother married Arthur Barrow her family gave a 24 setting dinner service and also a canteen of cutlery. The story goes that all the other sisters got a full silver canteen, but hers was only plated as they were due to go to India and ‘the servants would only steal them’! However one relative provided a fruit service of silver knives/forks in a crested box. Barrow coat of arms created by John Bury in October 2011 from a preliminary sketch and specifications provided to Carrington and Co in 1958. 
From ref 111 we learn that the family motto was 'Fortune with thine honour'

And recorded on the rear of the family image of
Simon Barrow of Bath is a story of why the bear is muzzled!

A merchant connection led some Cardozos to adopt the Barrow name and a crest similar to the Barrow crest.