Mercados and the Baruch Lousadas

The above chart is an enhancement of Edgar Samuel's mini-genealogy from ref 351, enhanced by the Barbados Mercados in ref 5, and those who married the Den Haag Louzadas and the Amsterdam Baruch Lousadas. In addition, the 1663 Amsterdam marriage is most illuminating - the bride's father was Abraham, she was born in Dutch Brazil in 1625, and her husband was born in Hamburg. Isaac #50 was a grandnephew of Isaac #42. A number of Mercados appear in ref 185 as indexed below, complemented by their marriages which appear as follows in ref 319, none of which we can at present easily relate to the above chart, unlike the 1663 marriage just mentioned! However we have prepared a chart of them. Our first compilation of Mercado marriages is here.