Air Commodore Charles Rochford Lousada #482 during WW2

Father of Peter Lousada #483 (also an aviator - see sketch) and grandson of Simeon Charles Lousada #74

Charles Terence Lousada

He flew helicopters (rather than the plane shown in the picture!)

Caryl Ramsay Gordon #124 - Royal flying instructor 1953

Uncle of Anthony Gordon who is a second cousin of Peter Lousada

Winton Harmon Lousada - DC3 pilot in the Pacific in WW2

Australian Lousada - he introduced Julian Land and Rosemary Tipping to Keith Stevens - an Australian pilot brought down late in WW2 after bombing the German V2 base at Peenemunde, and who was assisted in his escape from occupied France by Nancy Wake (recently deceased) aka The White Mouse, who was an effective member of the French Resistance, and determinedly anti-Gestapo

John Bury and pioneer Bacon aviators

John Mackenzie Bacon #280, son of Mary Bacon nee Lousada, and his daughter Gertrude Bacon