The Red Cross report on the fatal head wound of Barrow #82 can be found here. This seems to contradict part of his brother Aubrey's memory 50 years later as told to grandsons Barry and Geoff Smith, and also against Aubrey's memory is the fact that Barrow's body was not officially recovered/identified. The artillery bombardment from both sides was so intense that many such bodies were not found. But if Aubrey did miraculously find a fragment of Barrow's body, this may have been because a shell hit Barrow after the fatal head wound. Sadly, in this case, Aubrey must have failed to have his identification accepted and a formal burial did not happen. Further details on Barrow's military service can be found here (find Barrow Helbert Ellis in the Lousada list and click on notes). The circular below gives the death of his younger brother Cecil as 17 Apr 1918 which differs from the official information on Cecil - so pragmatically we adopt the date below as Cecil's burial date.