Photograph of (from right) Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada, Sir Norman Reid, HM The Queen Mother and Sir Robert Sainsbury at the Tate Gallery's Robyn Denny Retrospective Exhibition of 1973 - by permission of the estate of the photographer Douglas Huebler


  There was an image of Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada with Sir Norman Reid and the sculptor Naum Gabo at the opening of the 1976 Constable Exhibition but as of 27 Jul 2012 this could not be retrieved. The foyer of Tate Britain no longer displays the names of its Trustees. Thus has disappeared a secular analogue of the plaque at Bevis Marks showing the name of Antonio Louzada (aka Moses Baruh Lousada #46) a namesake and collateral ancestor of Sir Anthony Baruh Lousada. Some of the work Sir Anthony did for the Gallery is captured in Anton Gill's 'Peggy Guggenheim: the life of an art addict' (HarperCollins London 2001). Chapter 22 describes her relationship with Tate around 1961, where following an exhibition of her drawings, elaborate negotiations ensued aimed at her collection going to the Tate on her death. However, restoration and preservation of the works became an issue, and ultimately her collection was put in the hands of the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation which had been established by her uncle. Her father Benjamin was a victim of the Titanic.