Reflections by Julian Land on a family tree handed down from previous generations

Baruch Spinoza - son of a Sephardic merchant, philosopher and ex-communicated Amsterdam Jew

David Abravanel and Menasseh ben Israel

Historical notes on the English Resettlement of Jews

The Lousada Dukedom

Family losses in the 2 World Wars

The Portuguese House of Braganza

 Notes on Peak House

Sugar - Pernambuco, Barbados, Surinam and Jamaica


Lousada marriages

Mysteries of the Lousada name

Map of northern Portugal and north-western Spain

 Sephardic Jews in the Iberian Peninsula and their 1492 disaster

Madrid and the Count-Duke d'Olivares

Our Sephardic Diaspora

A fictional historical vignette

DNA and genealogy

Concluding remarks by Julian Land