Abraham Baruch Louzada #45 was a cousin germain of Abraham Israel Pereira #1628 - what can we conclude from this?

There are 2 possibilities as shown above. In the first case, Briatis Alvares b1574 is an obvious possibility but as discussed in note 1 below there are some complications. The 2nd possibility gives a simpler and more natural scenario as discussed in note 2 below. In either case, the Isabel Mendes de Losada of Vinhais (born 1578 died before 1656) marriage to Pedro Rodrigues perhaps initiated the above family relationship.


1. The mother of Abraham Israel Pereira was Beatriz Geronima, and Beatriz is a Spanish equivalent of the Portuguese Briatis. But probable Baruch Louzada ancestors Amador de Losada and Ana Mendes do not show the Geronima name and hence in this possibility Briatis must have been a stepchild of Ana with the first wife being named Geronima. The gap in child-raising 1870-4 suggests the date of widowerhood and remarriage. Identifying Briatis with Beatriz Geronima produces a plausible account of the age of the son Abraham Israel Pereira in comparison with his cousin Abraham Baruch Louzada. The former was born when Briatis was around 32, while her brother Isaac #42 probably fathered Abraham #45 say in 1635 when he was 50 ie he was 18 years older. Briatis was born some 11 years before Isaac, so Abraham Israel Pereira was born 29 years (18 plus 11) before Abraham Baruch Lousada. Similar arithmetic works if Abraham #45 was born on a different date. A difficulty in this case in the context of the related families of Villaflor is the social disparity which existed. Briatis came from a family of shoemakers while the more eminent Rodrigues Pereiras (particularly as shown by Tomas aka Abraham) became extremely wealthy through trade. In turn this family was arguably less eminent than the Montezinos family which had royal licences for provisioning and salt tax farming. Perhaps as Edgar Samuel remarked Briatis may simply have been beautiful. However for a modestly well-off family to pay a dowry for 2 daughters to a wealthy family seems unlikely (in the case of a son and a daughter, the dowries would net out!).

2. In this possibility Luna the mother of Abraham Baruch Louzada #45 would have been much younger than Antonio Rodrigues Pereira. She would have been a comparable age to Abraham Israel Pereira himself. The most obvious prospect would be that Beatriz Geronima had a much younger half-sister (by about 30 years given that Luna was bearing children well into the 1650s). The half-sisters would have had a common father (the large age difference means the mother would not be in common). It is easy to contemplate a non-wealthy Isaac Baruch Louzada finding attractive a marriage plus dowry to a deserving young woman in the circle of a wealthy family. The marriage of Isaac and Luna probably took place in Madrid in this case (rather than the AIP/ABL cousinhood being established in Villaflor in the first possibility). There are several people named Geronimo Rodrigues in the records who could have been the father of Beatriz and Luna Geronima (not possible in the case above as Amador is the father in that case!). A Geronimo Rodrigues del Cano appears in Madrid in 1628 (ref 145 p9; note also Antonio Rodrigues del Cano ref 142 pp291-2) as beneficiary of a bond from the brothers Francisco and Antonio Rodrigues. He is a more likely possibility than an earlier Geronimo Rodrigues who was a merchant of Braganza and who appears in ref 180 p8 as being born around 1536, a son-in-law of Gaspar Laines, and son of Isabel Mendes; he suffered at the hands of the Coimbra Inquisition in the 1589-94 period. Apart from his advanced age when Luna was born (ie 64-85), we note that Isaac and Luna had a daughter named Luna who married in Amsterdam in 1675, and this implies that the maternal grandmother would have been named Luna (Isaac's mother being Ana Mendes) - but the earlier Geronimo was married to Ana Laines!