One of a set of spurs used by Aubrey George Lousada in WW1


This image was provided by cousin Geoff Smith. His brother Michael has arranged safe custody of the spurs. Wayne Dowel, another cousin, recalls Aubrey telling him that when landing barges were brought ashore at Gallipoli the horses shielded them from Turkish bullets. Aubrey must have had his own horse. He started as gunner in the 1st Battery 1st Brigade Field Artillery of the 5th Division but was injured (see letter from Alexandria) on 17 May 1915. After returning he became provisional Bombardier 11 Aug 1915 and Bombardier 22 Nov 1915. The Gallipoli Campaign ended with the last withdrawal on 9 Jan 1916. Aubrey became temporary Corporal 4 Feb 1916 and was transferred to 5th Division Artillery HQ on 24 Feb 1916 presumably as a Corporal, and then transferred to 25th Australian Field Artillery Brigade on 8 Jan 1917 when he was in France. Aubrey was promoted to sergeant on 8 Oct 1917. Details are from