Goldsmid connections with the Baruch Lousadas and the Barrows - see ref 337 for a general survey of the Goldsmids

The mother-in-law of Simon Barrow of Bath was a Goldsmid - a sister of the loan contractors Benjamin and Abraham Goldsmid (as they were described by Edgar Samuel - personal communication; while some details of their activities appear in 'Precious Heritage' and ref 80). She was Mary Goldsmid also known as Polly, who married Baron Lyon de Symons in 1781 in Amsterdam, and she is illustrated here. The Goldsmid name first appeared in the name of the Mocatta and Goldsmid business in 1779 when Asher Aaron Goldsmid, another brother of Polly's, replaced his father-in-law Alexander Isaac Keyser who had been a partner for 19 years in the former Mocatta bullion and trading business. Within this 19 year period Asher Aaron Goldsmid married Rachel Keyser in 1770 and then joined the firm with evident success. We have not identified where the Goldsmid & Keyser marriage took place (no London or Amsterdam record could be found, and 'Precious Heritage' gives a 1774 date for the marriage) while the origin of the Keyser/Kijser name has been the subject of learned discussion (see ref 297 which makes the suggestion that it is a vernacular version of 'de Caceres')!

No doubt a consequence of the business connection, Nancy Goldsmid married Daniel Mocatta in 1801. They became parents-in-law of Joseph Barrow Montefiore and therefore many of the Australian Montefiores are Goldsmid descendants. All the descendants of Simon Barrow of Bath were Goldsmid descendants. In 1807 Emanuel Baruch Lousada #142 (who inherited Peak House in 1832) married Jane Goldsmid #646 but the marriage was childless. Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, the dominant partner in the business 1800-41, was Emanuel's cousin by marriage and was remembered in Emanuel's will together with many others in Emanuel's social circle. Sir Isaac's son Frederick David Goldsmid #1041 also appears in the will - he became a partner in the Mocatta & Goldsmid business in 1840 and resigned in 1864 - he was the last Goldsmid in the business for 75 years. George Baruch Lousada #72 married Juliana Goldsmid #205 in 1844, thereby increasing the number of English Lousadas who are Goldsmid descendants.