The role of Jacob Barrow Montefiore and Joseph Barrow Montefiore in the formation of the Bank of Australasia is illustrated by the following advertisement  (of the Bank's initial prospectus) which appeared in The Hobart Town Courier on 15 Aug 1834. From it one can see that an initial Director was the London-based Jacob Barrow Montefiore, whilst Joseph Barrow Montefiore - through his company J Barrow Montefiore & Co of Macquarie Street in Sydney - provided local support. The company became the ANZ Bank after a number of mergers and acquisitions.


    The Melbourne office of the Bank of Australasia, built in 1876 for the Bank's move to Melbourne. The ANZ Bank sold it in 1974, making 98 years of occupation. The building is at 394-8 Collins Street, and was renovated and expanded in 1929.